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Not a minute too soon...

Over at Brand Autopsy, johnmoore has been compiling a list of reader comments to send through to FastCompany, in the hope (I think) of bringing some of the speed back.

It's been my favourite mag for a while now, but I nearly vomited when I heard (audible) this month's edition touted "The courage issue". I mean really, what the fuck? If I wanted this kind of drivel I would of bought chicken soup for the businessman's soul. Not a single tidbit of worthwhile content, I'm hoping the printed version is a bit better.

Fingers crossed...!

Update: GTFO, Seth's gone!

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Rich ... thanks for the link love.

I agree the Fast Company "Courage" issue lacked tactical take-a-ways to immediately implement. Then again, I read FC more for strategical insights than for tactical insights.

On our Brand Autopsy blog, FC editor-in-chief John Byrne posted a long response to the series of posts on the magazine. Regarding the “Courage” issue … John had this to say,

“There is no other business magazine on the planet that would devote an entire issue to the topic of courage, putting the newly courageous Cowardly Lion on its cover. In the same month that Fortune's annual leadership issue honors power, we honor courage, the most important attribute of leadership and the least discussed and studied. There is no other business magazine out there that re-examine the ideas and concepts of the New Economy, criticizing itself in the process, and making this point by putting a wiser and more thoughtful-looking Sock Puppet on its cover.”

Unfortunately in his response, John dismisses much of the comments/suggestions readers of his magazine posted on Brand Autopsy. I’ve read his response over and over again and continue to come away feeling as though he and the magazine have become too aloof … too defensive … and too unwilling to listen to its customers.

Maybe John Byrne needs to find the courage to listen and the courage to be less aloof. Then and only then, can he begin to “write” the ship at Fast Company.

Posted by: johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy) | 14 Sep 2004 15:51:08

Wow, yeah, that really does come across as quite a cop-out. He takes a long time to say...well, nothing really.

Pity, they had a really good thing going. I wonder what Seth feels, he's always been more than a contributor at FC, but a fan too. I wonder if he feels they still have what it takes...!

Posted by: Rich...! | 15 Sep 2004 17:09:59

I've seen what happens when a company is founded, developed, and blossoms from the passions of the people who started it... ...amazing how things seem different when different people are at the helm.

No offense to Capn' John, but maybe I boarded the FC ship thinking it was headed in one direction... ...and the winds have changed.

...and if Seth grabbed a life boat...

Posted by: Ben Smith | 18 Sep 2004 08:01:54