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Dawn of the dead (brand)

"Branding is dead" blah blah, what a load of wank!

It's no secret, I'm not a fan of most advertising practices, However to say that branding is dead is ignorant "statementism" (it's the concept of making a sensational statement for effect, with little or no proof behind it, and yes, I made it up) and to compare the concepts of blogging and branding is loose at best, and largely irrelevant, kind of like comparing walking to transportation.

It amazes me, that when discussing branding, people always use big existing brands to deliver their point (even when relevant). If you want to really see branding, a building rather than a maintenance concept, at work, look at a company/product that was unknown a year ago, and that has been built by a PR/advertising campaign in mere months [case study].

Awareness = credibility

Branding lives...!

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I like the fight I hear in you.

And branding is far from dead. Poor thing's got a cold, is all.

Posted by: David Burn | 27 Oct 2004 23:49:09

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