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Freakonomics: A mother's point-of-view

In Steven Levitt's brilliant talk at TED, the Freakonomics (blog) co-author offered a pretty convincing argument about how people are wasting money on baby chairs for kids over two, apparently tests and statistics show that there is no good reason for having one, and that these kids are as safe strapped in with the car's seatbelt. He nearly had me convinced that I was wasting my time with Cal's babychair.


I was telling this to a friend who is the Mum of two wee kids, she looked at me for a split second before responding, "that's all well and good, but how would the kids see out the window?".

I guess it's all a matter of perspective...!

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Interesting point of view indeed!!!

Posted by: Daldianus | 23 Jul 2005 11:43:43

I'm busy with Freakonomics at the moment. Loved Tipping Point and bought Blur recently - I think I will enjoy Freakonomics as much.

How did your presentation at TED go? How did you get on the agenda and wrt to what?

Posted by: itisthequestion | 29 Jul 2005 23:00:48

fuck - a caring question I forgot amd nobody else asked... Good question itisthequestion!! But I guess that's the point of your name??

Posted by: davidcoe... | 30 Jul 2005 00:42:21

It was very cool actually, except for the fact that my slides died after 30-seconds, but hey, thems the breaks. The feedback I got from the people that came up to me was all good, so that rocks (although they were hardly going to come up and say "you suck".

I got on the agenda by replying to a mail saying that there were 6 slots available for people with a 3-minute talk.

My topic was "first impressions lie"...!

Posted by: Rich...! | 30 Jul 2005 09:51:34