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Bling you can bitchslap with

My good mate Ian put me on to a BBspot story about a solution to all the iPod muggings going on these days. Ladies and gentlemen I give you, iSmack Nano Knuckles:


The article's a good laugh, you should read it...!

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Product placement, WIIFM?

BondadThe Across the Sound lads have been talking a bit about transparency and product placement. They should read Graeme's great post. His belief is that he's willing to view all the ads in Formula1 racing because the ads essentially subsidise his viewing, but he doesn't feel that he should have to put up with it when he pays to go to the cinema. His feeling is that advertisers should pay him to watch films when they have their brands inserted all over the place.

In principal I agree, but my feeling is that films should go to a panel before they hit the circuit, that panel would give the film a PP rating, where a high rating (i.e. more product placement) would mean a higher subsidy on cost to the consumer. Eg.

Pprating-1Rating - Ticket price

That way, we know what we're in for when we pay for the movie ticket, and if we want to pay less we must be willing to put up with gratuitous product placement.

Seems like a fair option to me...!

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Another reason I love driving an Alfa

Because my car doesn't have a derogatory second meaning in another language. Thanks to Insultmonger's Spanish section, I now understand why so many 'urban offroaders' drive like they do. Wankers.pajeroreal

Oh, and if you're bored (and trying to find new, fresh ways to insult you colleagues) check out the rest of Insultmonger. Many new, fresh ways to get your culo kicked, maricon.

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The espresso sessions

45906173 08E8Fd679D MI spent the week on a roadshow for a local bank with johnmoore from Brand Autopsy, and Jonty Rhodes.

Jonty and I played host to johnmoore as he shared some of the tribal knowledge he picked up while working at Starbucks.

I cant say enough good things about him, he was a great, endearing speaker that had some very sticky things to say, if you get the chance, I highly recommend you catch one of his talks.

Jonty, as always, rocked, he's another great speaker (and great guy) to keep your eye on.

There's a flickr gallery here..!

Update: johnmoore has written about it here.

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HntSo it seems a new phenomena has hit the blog world, familiarly known as HNT.

Now, I don't know if Osbasso started it all, but here are the guidelines. And here's the Google Blogsearch for HNT too. I can't believe how many people are doing it!

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Google Blog Search


Google, just so clever. Check it out here.

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News flash!

My brother-in-law just sent me this gem:


I laughed out loud...!

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Guess who?


Patience smatience, this is starting to get pretty boring...!

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Things folk do

200508251524-pix1Some things you just have to blog, no matter how arb they may be to others... or, for that matter, yourself. Here we have a rather nice(?) collection of the bizarre shit people get tattooed on the inside of their lips.

"Why would people do that?", I presume a few of you are asking as you glance at the picture (it's a thumbnail, click it). Look, there are many 'weirder' things you can get done, that the above question might be more suited to, so just be thankful I didn't blog those. And don't follow the links if you don't want to know what I'm on about.

I wasn't aware that BMEzine.com, my favourite bodmod website had a blog, but it does. It's well worth a peruse if you aren't too squeamish. It's also a lot more normal-friendly than some of the modification stuff out there (see above). Hell, I laughed a number of times, and I bet you will, too. Maybe even learn something?

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