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If Satan built a website...

This would be it.


(granted, I'm a bit of a preso geek)

Slideshare is a site where presenters can upload their slides for others to view. This angers me. In their words "SlideShare is a free service for sharing presentations and slideshows." That's where they're wrong, there is absolutely no sharing of presentations, just presentation visuals.

People, generally speaking if your audience can understand your slides without you present, the slides are over-populated (and you're obsolete).

Slide shows with too much text are the killer of good presentations. If you want people to read, send them home with the book, you'll be saving everyone time.

Ml Tip3

A video (or even audio) clip featuring the speaker is a far better idea, and If you really want to include your slides you could consider the c-box.

What worries me the most though is that intelligent people that I have the utmost respect for, think it's a good idea.


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