Anything better than Google?

I read at addict3d that a study had been done by a California research firm in which they state that after a total of 2000 adult web users were asked to try Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Microsoft’s MSN and Terra Lycos SA’s Lycos, that the results were just as good as Google’s. I followed the link from addict3d to the actual article and I have a few comments.

They don’t make any reference to the fact that Google’s interface doesn’t suck like the rest of them do. And they have two case-studies on some of the results, in the first one that they mention (they must have been very proud of) it shows a Google accuracy of 55% where as the others got between 52 and 54%. Wow BIG difference, but it still shows Google as better. Then, for the second case study, they report a Google accuracy of 76% as opposed to the other 64 to 75% accuracy – Still Google wins. WTF is this report trying to say? And it’s titled