Get off your soap boxes, you’re confused!

That’s akin to blaming Hitler for using gas chambers instead of firing squads… if you do that, you’re missing the point!

The Change This manifestos are about content, not format. Lads, print them out and read ’em on the bog, its comfy, private, and you might just learn something.

And as for Seth not listening to his customers (it’s a free service?), my clients often ask us to produce presentations in tools other than PowerPoint as they don’t want to bore their audience. Lesser suppliers give in here in the name of customer-centricity, we insist on what we feel is the best plan of action, even if that means going against their wishes and using PowerPoint (BTW. blaming PowerPoint for bad presentations is like blaming the pan for shit food). Don’t confuse pandering with good-service, and remember, it’s a myth, the customer really isn’t always right, they just always have the right. So Jeff, Doc, you have the right not to read a single manifesto.

It’s called breaking your nose to spite your face…!