Let’s take a look at lesbians…

There are two points I would like to make with this post, even though the two are strongly linked

1. No ugly girls are aloud to be lesbians. Under any circumstances (except maybe if the the ‘circumstance’ is a collapsed house, or ACME anvil). Lesbians are only hot girls, so the rest of you hunched, leering, badly dressed females (and I use that term in a form more loose than they are) are fakers and frauds. I know this, because I have seen a few movies on the subject, and lesbians, without exception, look like the two in the pic on the left. It is a lovely, wondrous thing. Don’t mess it up.

2. If you want to be a lesbian, I would presume that it would be because you find the female form, mind and emotion more attractive to the kinds you find in men. And rightly so. If that is the case, please explain why it is that you would pick a partner with more testosterone than the Running of the Bulls, all nicely packaged in jean-pant overalls and mullets and complete with spitting, crotch-scratching, swearing, a mechanics diploma and arms like my thighs. For God’s sake, it’s a boy! If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re straight. Deal with it. Those girls (loose term, again) are more man than I will ever be. Hell, they’re more man than any of us will ever be. If you want something like that, there are spans of them everywhere, and at least they come with the extras that count.